Medusa's Labyrinth VR (PC)

Medusa’s Labyrinth is a short mythological first person horror game set in ancient Greece. It takes myths and legends that have stayed with us for over 2000 years and mix them together. Now in VR for the first time!

Pick your path through the abandoned hallways, through winding catacombs and dark chamber to solve the mysteries that lurk within.

Game Features
Choose input method: Teleport, snapping camera or classic FPS. Customize how you want to play the game.
Torch or bow: Light your way with a torch or use your bow & arrow as you sneak around in the dark.
Atmospheric environment: Ancient Greece comes to life, immersive yourself in the game world.

Medusa's Labyrinth is a short horror adventure adapted for VR, and we really hope you enjoy it.


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