Cutlass (PC)

Take to the high seas as a swashbuckling buccaneer. In Cutlass, you are a pirate! Grab the helm to sail your ship around an archipelago, fighting off rival pirates with your cunning and broadside cannons. Try to beat your previous times in time trial mode, racing your ship through checkpoints to reach the finish line.

An HTC Vive is required to play Cutlass.

Ship control - You have full control over the direction and acceleration of your ship, to captain it wherever you would like to explore;

Naval artillery & warfare - Load the cannons, adjust the pitch and yaw, then fire at will! You will need to be strategic with the timing and trajectory of your cannon fire, to ensure that you sink your opponents before they sink you;

Day and night - The lighting and mood changes depending on the time of day;

Weather - The weather changes randomly. A Sunny afternoon can be interrupted by a thick fog, or heavy rain. Just be careful to watch where you're going or you might scuttle your ship in shallow waters;

Time trial - Race through checkpoints to best your previous scores on a time trial course;

Ship simulation - Your ship's buoyancy moves with the sea, which provides a uniquely new experience.




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