Preta : Vendetta Rising (PC)

Preta : Vendetta Rising
Preta : Vendetta Rising
**During Early Access, every player will receive an Early Access Package ($90 value) which contains 25,000 Dark Diamonds (in-app purchase currency), 300,000 Gold and 40 Crafting Kits**

Preta: Vendetta Rising is an EPIC action MORPG set in a dark fantasy where the world has been consumed by a deadly virus, turning all living things into monstrous Pretas. Your role, your destiny is to restore the balance in this god-forsaken land by exploring the frozen continents, crafting powerful items and equipment, raising mighty pets, and defeating all Pretas in VR! Be warned, this is a hack-and-slash MORPG that puts the action right in front of your eyes!







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Julio 6, 2017

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