Break a Leg (Android)

An unknown species has kidnapped you to unleash the ultimate power of the Galaxy. Only a human magician from planet Earth is able to unleash its force by going through the ancient book of Stellar Tricks written by Houdini's Great Aunt Maggie herself. Will you have the skills to master this universal force ?
Break a Leg is an interactive experience designed for virtual reality and the new GearVR controller. It gets its inspiration from the magic shows of the 19th Century such as Houdini and Kellar. Built to entertain the crowds based on tricking the mind through misdirection and routine, the conjurers obeyed drastic rules to fool the mind of the audience.

Break a Leg immerses you in the offbeat adventures of an improvised magician on stage who will have to go through multiple stages of a conjurer’s performance without missing a beat.
This is the free First Chapter of the full experience coming out Q3 2017 ! Let the show begin...







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