MindFulVR (Android)

Welcome to MindFulVR, your safe place to ease your journey into Mindfulness meditation.

Serenity, your meditation guide, will assist you on a conscious journey and empower you to move from a place of "dis-ease" within your mind and body, to a state of conscious ease and well-being.

Discover a part of Mindfulness, known as the Body Scan (7 mins), which will assist you recognize feelings of "dis-ease" in your body, and using a simple affirmation, how you might accept these feelings.

Serenity will guide you through a fingertip tapping practice, known as the Emotional Freedom Technique (10 mins), which combines ancient acupressure with modern psychology, and helps you affirm your emotions, as you tap around your energy points.

Ireland’s ancient landscape has a long association with well-being and self-healing. MindFulVR includes a handpicked selection of these ancient Irish locations, as 360-degree immersive VR videos, for you to practice your Body Scan, all inside our MindFulVR app.