Artifice (PC)

Wander into your favorite piece of art. Enter the artist's mind. Or change their mind. And modify the painting. Hike around in a VR world of brush strokes and unseen light, mixed with Mondrian’s cubes of color and Magritte's apple tinged surrealism. Have a cup of coffee with the Nighthawks. Or tell time with softly melting clocks. Become an artist yourself by smashing the idealist images and do what every artist does — reinvent the painting to reflect yourself.

- Nighthawks
- The Son of Man
- The Listening Room
- The Golden Legend
- Works of Mondrian
- Works of Pollack
- Works of Joseph Albers
+ Meet the Artist!

- Make your Own Mondrian
- Golf de Pomme
- Tir de Pomme
- Bowling Colors


Weston Bell-Geddes



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Junio 18, 2017

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