Qbike: Cyberpunk Motorcycles (PC)

Fast paced moto-racing multiplayer game, inspired by famous cyberpunk movies and build for VR.
Take control of a powerful Quantum Motorcycle — each with different powers — and jump into virtual death race with other players in various unique locations.

Classic light cycle gameplay with new impressive features and different game modes in your VR headset.
Avoid enemy barriers and create your own to catch your opponents into your Qbike's "tail". Be fast and smart enough to become the winner. Create barriers in front of your opponents to destroy them. Use on-track power-ups and your bike's powerful skills to succeed in this quantum madness. Tune your race with different options and game modes to create a unique race experience.

Online and local multiplayer.
Stylish visuals and beautiful synth wave soundtrack from talented electro-musicians.
Different game modes.
Constant game evolvement with community feedback
Get your scores, rise in the leaderboards to become ultimate arena champion!ALL THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IS UPDATED AS THINGS GO:GAME MODES:
Right now you can join players in two different game modes:

Short Trail will vanish after some time so you'll need to think more.
Long (infinity) Trail will disappear only after the player dies.MAPS:
You can play on two maps with different game style:

Simple brings you to fast and deadly action in a small place.
Quadrocopter is a vast map with high jumps. Good for Long Trail mode.SOUNDTRACK
A vast collection of synth wave tracks from talanted artists awaits you. Open true race passion with these memorable compositions, which you will be able to download as a DLC soon.
Big thanks to all following artists for allowing to use their music and help in creating such immersive experience:
DJ Caile
Retro Thunder
The Judgeman
You can find them on Soundcloud and find more info in the Soundtrack DLC.