Galaxis Wars (PC)

Ever played with a toy plane? Ever wanted to wage epic battles in space? Do you have a VR headset? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Galaxis Wars might be the game for you.

Set in the year 2120, humans have discovered a race of hostile extraterrestrials we named the Galaxis. Having already killed several of our astronauts, we have dispatched a fleet of drones to combat this threat before it gets out of hand. Take control of the revolutionary VX-8700 Combat Drone and plunge into simulated warfare with the Galaxis.


  • Pilot your personal VX-8700 Combat Drone in an immersive environment

  • Destroy the Galaxis and collect energy to upgrade your drone

  • Upgrade your equipment with 20 unique upgrades

  • Survive the 100 relentless waves of Galaxis warships and learn the secrets of our war

  • Hone your skills in the difficult endless mode to top the leaderboards

Are you ready to fight for the survival of Earth?

Start your training today!


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