High Templar VR (PC)


  • This is a survival game in a deserted place in the near future with mutants who suddenly appear without any explanation.
  • Each one of you will have to defeat these mutants using various magic powers.

How to play

  1. Using head-tracking, you can look and check the environment freely
  2. Moving locations will be processed automatically
  3. Two vibration controllers will be your left and right hand
  4. When you pull the trigger, the magic from that hand will be fired
  5. You will have to get used to aiming the orbit of a magic projectile since it doesn’t have a scope
  6. When you destroy a specific object, you can replace the magic power on your hand
  7. When you get attacked by mutants, your sight will be bloody and eventually you will die


  • Magnificent graphic effect which is spread using magic with the background of the deserted dark world
  • Realistic situation directed using physical engine
  • Various magic powers with a different character from fire, ice and so on
  • The function of live VR(Virtual Reality) broadcast provided through YouTube

Future plan

  • New stages which show the destruction of civilization
  • New magic system which exert tremendous power such as rune stones, magic circle, etc.
  • Fatal Mutants with terrifying appearance
  • New game mode which will stimulate the player’s challengeable desire
  • Expand the platform for VR live broadcast such as Facebook







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Mayo 21, 2017

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