You have been assigned a task to explore the mysteries of uncharted space. It is up to you to travel to five newly discovered planets and collect samples of the planet's surface.OverviewComet Strike is a fast-action puzzle game.

The goal is to fill in the gaps and complete the rows by sliding blocks across the stage. Clearing a row will harvest the surface material and earn points. Harvest all the scenario’s blocks to complete the level.

The rules are familiar and intuitive, but quick thinking and precise movement are required to perform at the highest level. Do you have what it takes to become a master?ExploreEach area has unique themes and tricks. Learn about the properties of special blocks exclusive to each zone and use them to your advantage.DiscoverSkills are powerful tools that can help recover from mistakes or strategically clear tricky sections. By clearing a level, you will collect data about the planet's composition. When the whole planet has been analyzed, you will be able to use skills that mimic the abilities of the cleared areas.

The more skills you learn, the more options and combos you will have at your disposal.MasterComet strike offers challenges for both new players and experts. If you are really looking to push the limits of your skill and earn an unimaginable score, look to attempt the secret endless level. In this area, there is no clear condition. Use everything you’ve learned to continue as long as possible in this final gauntlet.

I hope you’ve come prepared.


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