Journey to Alien Worlds (PC)

With this virtual reality experience, you don’t need a bulky spacesuit anymore to travel into outer space and land on planets, satellites or comets in our Solar System. Now you can experience how it feels to stand on the surface of these bodies, view the amazing scenery there, and get a better understanding of the differences between these heavenly bodies and the Earth. You can also bear witness to mankind’s great accomplishments in the exploration of outer space and get to know the landers and probes used and their designs.

Currently you can experience the following sights:
1) The Moon and the Apollo Lunar Module
2) Venus and Venera 7
3) Mars and the Curiosity rover
4) Titan and the Huygens probe
5) 67P Comet, the Rosetta probe and the Philae lander

More content in the form of space missions and images will be added in the future to provide an even more varied experience. Currently only HTC Vive is supported, but compatibility with Oculus Rift and other VR devices will be added in the future.






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