Deadly Hunter VR (PC)

Take the role of a Deadly Hunter in this first person defense game!
The Orcs invaded our homeland but we defeated them. However, there are still small bands of Orcs lingering in a number of our strongholds. As a renowned hunter, your task is to eliminate the remaining Orc troops and to liberate all strongholds.Amazing Immersive Experience
Battling monsters is brutal. As their archenemy, you must fight their axes and spears.
Use your body to dodge about and find ways to blow the enemy’s head off, or you’re next to fall! Rich Game Content
Over four (4) hours’ worth of glorious gaming experience with over 20 scenes and exciting challenges!
Monster variety like no other: Find over 10 kinds including Berserker, DarkSpear, Shieldon, SmokeLord, and Ladybug and find the best ways to annihilate them!
Exciting future content for all types of players: The Escort Mode and Multiplayer Mode are coming soon. Powerful Trap System
Traps are hunters’ best buddies!
Unlock 10 unique traps including the steel trap, the venom swamp, and the archer tower.
Each Orc has a specific weakness – find out and choose a trap wisely!
There are over 100 trap upgrade combinations! If one isn’t powerful enough, satisfy your desire and upgrade your traps.
Extreme Challenge
After sharpening your Orc-slaying skills at the regular levels, step up and try the Elite and Endless Challenges. Conquer the most ferocious monsters and add them to your loot!
Let the world know you’re the best hunter! Enter the global rankings after clearing a stage and start your own legend.


Leiting Interactive


Steam Oculus