"BREACH IT" is a team based shooter with focus on tactics and DESTRUCTIBILITY!
If you are attacking and you know that an enemy is behind a wall then just make a hole in that wall with explosives or a hammer and shoot the unsuspecting enemy! As a defender you have ability to reinforce walls or board the doors to create a "castle" which will be harder for the attackers to breach. With time game will be getting more and more special abilities for attackers and defenders. So far special abilities for attackers: explosives, hammer and shield. For defenders: ability to reinforce walls and board doors.

HOW THE GAME PLAYS 1.PREPARATION PHASE:Attackers choose your gear. Pick a weapon and pick one special tool: C4, hammer or shield.
Defenders prepare for breach! Reinforce the walls, board the doors to protect the bomb.2. ACTION PHASEAttackers use your special tools like C4, hammer or shield to make your way to the enemy.
Defenders get in defensive position and hold off attackers.3. END OF ROUND Attackers win by eliminating all defenders or by defusing the bomb.
Defenders win by eliminating all attackers or defending until timer runs out.4. END OF MATCHEvery new round you switch sides. First team to reach 4 wins - wins the match!

Good luck!


Domas Sabockis


Domas Sabockis



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Mayo 30, 2017

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