Hopalong: The Badlands (PC)

Hopalong: The Badlands is a VR game where violence and comedy combine with a one-of-a-kind movement system. Hop, skip, or simply wave your stick horse up and down to gallop smoothly through the western landscape filled with the villainous group known as the Dynamite Gang. They are beyond redemption and there is no “or Alive” part on their wanted posters.

Key Features:
Oscillot locomotion system for intuitive movement through the landscape
Murderous stick-horse riding outlaws made out of wood.
Weapons! Start with an eight shooter. Unlock a pick, double barrel shotgun, sniper rifle and dynamite as you progress.
Fight Boss Boomity and his flying stick-pig Pigasus in an intense night time battle.
Earn new stick horses as you progress, even Pigasus!
Dodge dynamite or shoot it while it's in the air back at the imbecile that threw it.
Enemies with Gatling guns? Run!


From the Future LLC


Steam Oculus