Welcome Home, Love (PC)

You arrive home to a note from your partner Nick, who has left you a present - If you can solve the puzzles he's left behind. A nice surprise? That dream holiday?... Or something far more sinister?

Welcome Home, Love is a narrative-driven VR experience which puts you in Jess’ shoes. Explore her life, listen to her stories and ultimately find what lies at the end. With a few hundred lines of recorded dialogue, interactable objects and a couple puzzles to push you along the way.FeaturesFully voiced characters and background
Over 500 lines of recorded dialogue
Large number of interactable objects
Rich 'lived-in' environment
Built-in hint system
And BOB... You get all of Bob. Bob's the greatest. Just ask him.


A Trifle Odd


A Trifle Odd



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Marzo 17, 2017

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