Feel the exhilarating adrenaline of virtual reality in this multiplayer & competitive car combat game. Get on your hoverbike and team up with a friend to battle your enemies through a hardcore and challenging gameplay in amazing cyberpunk arenas.

HOVR is fully imagined & designed for virtual reality. The cool thing about it is that it combines the exciting and innovative world of VR with the proven competitivity of classic car combat games. And unlike other VR products it will be FREE TO PLAY, so you won’t have to spend money before playing it. We want you to try it and enjoy it freely for as long as you like.

What makes HOVR unique is that it offers a strong and solid gaming experience, bringing something new into a market which still focuses on the novelty of immersive environments. We are not only developing a high quality game (accurately calibrated, with no motion sickness and very detailed arenas); we are also creating a dynamic VR combat atmosphere to submerge players in an extreme team deathmatch.

Main Features
Worldwide online multiplayer in virtual reality.
Battle modes: 4 vs 4 team-deathmatch & 2 vs 2 team-deathmatch.
Short and fast matches.
Different heroes with unique stats, abilities and background stories.
Defying and futuristic awesome arenas with unique special features.
Destructive and powerful special weapons and unlockable items.
Random pick-ups to boost heroes capacities: health, turbo, special attacks, shield.
Personalized hoverbikes: Diesel-bikes, tech-bikes, tankish-bikes, etc.
Original Soundtrack.
Lore & Background Story
The HOVR universe is set on a dystopic and futuristic world, where an evil and totalitarian corporation rules over the destinies of mankind. To keep the masses subdued, they organize a tournament called “The HOVR-cup”. Every year, new brave competitors fight to the death for freedom and for glory!"







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