Forgotten Chambers (PC)

One night, you wake up in a dark room. In a room full of magic books, potions, and scrolls. You don’t know who you are, or how you got there. Now you will begin an adventure to find your lost memory and solve the mystery of the forgotten chambers.

Forgotten Chambers is an immersive VR Puzzle adventure game full of magic and mystery. In this game, you will find yourself solving problems in the way you have never thought before.

Explore visually stunning magical chambers. Use your creativity and magic to find hidden clues. Fill the room with water and stars. Make brooms and statues alive. While exploring the mysterious place, you might be able to discover clues of the event that happened a long time ago.

Key Features

* A beautiful world that interacts with magic
* Five distinctive rooms with clues and puzzles
* A magical mystery that slowly unfolds as the game progresses
* High degrees of freedom to pick up, combine, break, and strike anything with your VR controller
* Fantastic magical effects exclusively crafted for VR game's omnidirectional display features


Tpot Studio


Tpot Studio