Mighty Monster Mayhem (PC)

As an outcast-scientist-turned-mutated-monster, seek vengeance against those who rejected your research! In Mighty Monster Mayhem, you can tear down buildings, make entire cities crumble, and munch on unsuspecting pedestrians. Choose from a variety of creatures, and battle with (or against) friends, wreaking havoc in multiple campaign modes – unleashing fury on everything to increase your score! How much mayhem can you cause?

Tear down entire cities building by building, and wreak havoc on the population in multiple campaigns.
Challenge or join your friends in multiplayer destruction.
Make the city crumble at your feet in single-player mode.
Choose your monster: Cthuhlu Carl, Ronald the Rock, Ian Insectoid, Toni the Oni … or Gorzilla (a.k.a. Todd)
Climb buildings, throw objects, and monster-punch things!
Wreck everything in sight to earn an impressive high score and climb the leaderboards.
Multiplayer Mayhem!Rack up points in the fantastically furious multiplayer matches! Destroying as much as you can as fast as you can while keeping the military at bay! Do you go after the high point targets like buildings and military units or run around like a mad monster ripping apart the city in the most granular way, with its populace! The choice is yours, get in there and Eat. Crush. Destroy!