Gus Track Adventures VR (PC)

Gus Track Adventures VR is a game for all kinds of players, It features a character, Gus, that is on a tracking adventure, trying to figure out what is corrupting the world, smashing everything that comes to him and dodging enemy attacks. Explore many worlds and try to reach the top score on all levels.

Gus is a dinosaur going on an adventure and trying to make the world a better place. Defeating all the evil enemies that come in his path.

The game has a variety of enemies which give diferent challenges to the player. Defeat monkeys, collect loot from the chests and don't let them get mad.

You can get gems from lootable objects within the game. In the future you will be able to use them to get better weapons, attachments, etc.

There will be various weapons which allow different styles of play. Are you sure you can wield all of them?

Have a very challenging battle waiting for you at the end of every world. Are you up for the challenge?