No Clue VR (PC)

Eyes always open, no matter day and time. Find those enchanted objects and restore the world.

No Clue VR is a game to find objects in the virtual reality. You need to switch day and night. Observe carefully and memorize the scene. Mark different objects in day and night. This is the little ghosts' prank. Catch them quickly!

1. Amazing VR experience, impressive fairy tale world, beautiful and incredible.
2. Switch day and night freely. Open eyes and memorize what you have seen. It's time to challenge your eyes and brain.
3. Game scenes are generated dynamically. It's a new experience every time you play the game. This game is playable with abundant contents.
4. The game has story mode and survival mode as well as ranking. Come to challenge tens of thousands of gamers in the world.
5. The game has five large themes and over 500 variable elements.
6. The game has a steam achievement and card switching.
7. The game keep adding contents and elements in scenes will change to the updated contents
8. Full support for HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift.






Steam Oculus