Journey: Benjamin's Adventures VR (PC)

Difficult challenges, musical rhythms, and casual puzzles combined into one VR game. Players need to control a cute little character and sway to the rhythm of the music on a long road, while jumping over obstacles, to pass the level.

There are two chapters in this game: ice and fire. With three drums in front of the player, you could control the direction and jump of your character by beating the drums. Don't think it will be too easy. The difficulty of Benjamin's adventures will drive you crazy. You must be quick with your hands and sharp-sighted to follow the rhythm of music. Observe the terrain from far away and you will always be prepared for the challenge. Are you ready?

We hope Benjamin's adventures can bring leisure and recreation gaming experience to Viriver fans. If you have any suggestions, please contact us.


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Abril 6, 2017

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