Planet Defender (PC)

PLANET DEFENDER is a VR FPS game developed on Unity engine. It’s the 1st version of the application and now supports Oculus and HTC Vive. We plan to use Steam as the first and the only online selling platform.

Our planet has been invaded by space pirates who are stealing the whole universe's resources.
This is the last hope for the planet, so you must use the laser gun to fight back the enemies.
Fight back and let’s protect our planet!

Use the controllers to target the enemies and trigger to shoot.
Shoot all the enemies and protect yourself from harm in 150 seconds to get HIGH SCORE!


“Warning… the enemies are HERE!”
This peaceful planet has suddenly been invaded by space pirates!
They want to rob our planet's precious resources.
To defend the planet, all we can do is keep on SHOOTING!


Fevolution Innovation Inc.