Space Rift - ROGUE A.I. (Android)

It was supposed to be just another regular day of work for the Armored Transport Unit 94. But something went wrong while hauling in some barrels containing the mysterious liquid Quantum Rift. Now the computer on board has gone haywire and seems to be driven to a mysterious destination.
Hank, a clerk at the Pandora transportation headquarters, gets in touch with the AI and tries to convince it to stop. In the beginning, he only wants to protect his job and bring home the lost barrels. But over time, he comes to learn that there is more to this situation than he imagined.
Key Features:
- Experience a gripping storyline in the Space Rift universe
- Dodge incoming asteroids
- Protect yourself from attacking enemy drones
- Mine rocks for minerals on the way
- Upgrade your ship with several weapon types and power-ups