Hidden Fortune (Android)

Hidden Fortune is an adventurous treasure hunt unfolding in episodic chapters, Hidden Fortune opens the door to a beautiful fantasy world rife with secrets, puzzles and goat wizards. With the all-new Wand Update for the Gear VR Controller, players will be given the Wand: an even more immersive way to explore vivid levels, solve clever puzzles, and collect hidden treasures.

Cast Your Magic: Tap your Gear VR or swing your Gear VR Controller to cast forth magic orbs and interact with the environment: capture trinkets, make charming new acquaintances, and solve tricky puzzles.

Enter the Wand: A magic device that enables seamless interaction with the virtual world. Orienting intuitively to your hand’s movements, the wand boasts new art and visual effects.

Take Aim, Reach Further, Collect More: Press the Controller’s touchpad to target and reel in items. Press and hold to cast an enchanted tether to use interactive objects from afar.




Archiact Interactive