RealBX VR (Apocalypse begins...) (PC)

RealBX VR (Apocalypse begins...) by Naviworks Game Factory

VR FPS(First Person Shooting) Game
Combination of the latest VR technologies

A. HMD-based virtual reality (VR) game following recent trends
B. Play with realistic weapons verified by the actual weapons in real world
C. Get away from the simple shooting with sensor and maximizes your enjoyment by strategic play with your whole body

Tangible PLAY with you whole body movement!
- Action + HMD VR + Motion Sensor + Base Station

Variable artificial intelligence(AI)
- Autonomously changeable strategies of AI at each play

Realistic and immersive tactical implementation by utilizing realistic and various contents
- Players are able to go and select the item in person
- A wide range of guns, weapon, Throwing grenade reflected physics/sensor technology, and concealment/covering

Realistic combat through various maps
- Three themes and more than 12 missions provide a variety of fun

System of destruction and weakness by parts
- Game that requires various tactics through the weakness attack

Realistic cinematic production
- Realistic cinematic creation through motion capture




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