VRCURATOR brings the wonder of "co-presence" to the VR environment. Now, the experienced VR user can “join” the new initiate in the experience. VRCURATOR allows you to speak directly to them in their headphones (using any configured microphone) while they remain completely immersed. You become a “spirit guide” and can modulate your voice in such a way that fits the experience, enhancing the joy and wonder of any VR title.

Every experience becomes enriched with co-presence, and vocal effects add to the fun!

Runs simultaneously with a VR game on any platform (Vive, Oculus, OSVR)
With headphones that support dual inputs (like the wireless Turtle Beach Stealth 450), you can even use this with the PlayStationVR!
Multiple vocal effects to enhance different VR gaming experiences:
None (when you just want to curate someone's VR experience)
Ghost (fun in many types of games!)
Walkie Talkie (especially good with Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, or space games)
Chipmunk (for added hilarity)
Monster (you know what this is for)
Bit (sci-fi goodness, especially fun with games like Bounce)
We have had a blast using VRCURATOR when introducing people to VR, or just joining another's experience for fun. There's a night-and day difference between using VRCURATOR and having to shout through someone's headphones, interrupting their experience and breaking the immersion. Now they can stay completely immersed while you guide them through the experience!

It's especially fun to join your friends in the VR goodness, turning every VR title into a local co-op experience! Because, using the "Monster" voice while your friend is in a horror game is just too fun to resist. ;-)