IronWolf VR (PC)

IronWolf VR is a roomscale submarine game playable either as singleplayer or online co-op. Unleash torpedoes on enemy ships, shoot down fighters and bombers using anti-aircraft guns, and attempt to survive depth charges dropped by deadly destroyers. Built from the ground up for VR, each part of the submarine has been crafted for the best possible VR experience.

Fast paced shooting to repel enemy planes with the flak gun
Stealthily hunt enemy convoys
Duel with enemy destroyersControls and Instruments
All submarine controls are physically based wheels, levers and switches that mimic their real life counterparts
Haptics and 3D audio provide you with detailed feedback for fine control and immersion
All submarine dials and gauges have been designed to be easily readable with the current resolution of consumer VR headsetsLocomotion
We have carefully planned and designed our submarine to be immersive in the minimum room scale space of 2m x 1.5m
All controls within each compartment of the submarine are fully accessible without immersion breaking teleports in the minimum room scale space
Teleports between compartments are handled by physical controls such as operating a door or pulling open a hatch for increased immersionSingle and Multi player
Cooperative online multiplayer
Play on your own by enabling assists to your requirements


Ionized Studios


Ionized Studios