Discovering Space 2 (PC)

A breath-taking space exploration experience in Virtual Reality
Compatible with HTC Vive, Oculus CV1 and DK2.

Discovering Space 2 is all about exploration. There’s no action, shooting or explosions, just sightseeing, discovery and relaxation on an epic scale.

Calming, wondrous and adventurous.

Take control of your ship, or follow a tour, and immerse yourself in a journey through the Solar System.
Feel the awesomeness and remoteness of deep space.
Experience the mood and atmosphere of worlds far away from home.
Explore at your own pace, and learn about what you see.
Come back with a new sense of amazement of what is out there.

Built from the ground up for VR, you have a small space ship and the entire Solar System to explore.

The end result is an experience that conveys the scale, awe and feeling of planetary exploration, in a fully immersive way. You really feel like you are there, and it is at times breath-taking. You can travel vast distances, view the planets (and their moons) from afar, execute some close fly-bys and plunge through their atmosphere down to the surface. Along the way you can listen to on-board commentary that adjusts its content depending on whether you take your time, or just dive straight in.

Key Features

Vast expanse of the Solar System to explore.
Easy to use tour mode.
Easy to use flight controls and navigation.
Seamless and continuous travel from deep space down to the planetary surfaces.
Planets modelled to true scale.
Planets rendered using custom shaders that go beyond simple texture mapping.
Procedurally generated terrain and procedural and multi-layered textures to enhance the planet surfaces.
Planetary atmospheres enclothe the planets, providing striking sunrise and sunset vistas and re-entry effects.

Simple navigation system allows you to easily fly to your desired target destination.
Jump gates / hyperspace to allow quick jump to distant systems.
Near speed of light effects – Red shift, view contraction and “headlight”

Capture your view with in-game snapshots at the touch of a button.

Fly your ship with either an xbox / gamepad style controller, or "use the force" with HTC Vive wands.

Note: Oculus touch controller not yet fully supported


Discovering VR


Discovering VR



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