Boofle's Home (PC)

Hello, my name is Boofle! Come and join me in my virtual world – there’s lots of fun things to explore and interactive activities for you to do! You can watch me on the swing, help water my flowers and catch butterflies!

About Boofle: Boofle’s Story Grandad’s woolly cardy has seen better days, it was still soft and cosy, but a little bit frayed. There were holes in the elbows and just one button remained, but from this, Nanny was sure something else could be made. So she started to sew on that cold winter’s night, and Boofle was born, much to the children’s delight. Boofle was all that a snugglesome pup should be, loveable and cuddly and a best friend to you and me. Boofle is there whatever the celebration, with lots of lovely Greeting Cards and gorgeous Gift Dressings to choose from, along with Gift and Plush collections you are sure to find the perfect Boofle card and gift for all occasions!


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Eden Agency


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