Show homes (PC)

1. Introduction
Show homes is a VR indoor roaming application for the building ceramics and home decoration industry. The main feature of this APP is to replace floor tile. Without complex art processing, just need an image, users can change the size and style of tile.
2. Direction
(1) Open main menu
Press the right controller's menu key to turn the main menu on and off.
(2) Open the apartment layout
Press the left controller 's menu key to open and close the apartment layout.
(3) Teleport
Method 1 is to press the controller 's touch pad.
Method 2 is to use the main menu, open the room list, select the room button.
(4) Custom floor tile
Put tile images in the directory D:\Tile. Support JPG, PNG format.
(5) Play videos
Put videos in the directory D:\Video. Support MP4 format.
(6) Object interaction
Objects with yellow silhouettes are interactive. Touch the object with the handle, and press the trigger when the contour turns red, triggering an interactive event.
(7) Reset
Open the main menu - Settings, select the Reset Scene button.


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