StarFlight VR (Android)

StarflightVR is a new generation mobile Mindfulness app that is designed to bring you into a state of peace and neural integration to promote health and well being. It brings the benefits of various integrative therapy techniques in a mobile VR format to provide a quick and effective way to reconnect to your calmer and more focused self. Uniquely suited for a break at work as well as after, it can provide you with a deep reset to help you manage life's anxiety and stress.
Experience the latest state of the art technology combined with age old therapie within a tool that you will fall in love with more and more with regular usage.
Features include: four experiential VR loops running through changing and highly visually integrative skyscapes. Music designed to complement the experience of soothing the sympathetic nervous system. Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing option available for every loop. Find more about methodology at or


CoreReboot LLC


CoreReboot LLC