Diesel Power (PC)

Diesel Power is inspired by classic arcade games and not designed to let the player "finish by default".
It is best described with the words: Challenging and Merciless.

The goal is simple: Get to the end of the track
The challenge: There is no track

While trying to keep the hover car on track, you need to find triggers to spawn the next section of the road.
Don't dawdle as foes or even the track itself will end your game early.
Experts are able to collect extra points and find secrets paths to top the leaderboard.

Sounds easy?
Handling the controler and the looks via HMD requires motoric skills which will hinder most to get past the first corners.

An excessive use of the quick restart function is inevitable for everyoneFeatures
Gameplay designed exclusively for VR
One single level; no checkpoints
Online Crossplatform Leaderboards
Smooth & constant 90fps on min specs
Oculus Rift (full support including Oculus Universal Menu)
HTC Vive
Experimental: Motion Controllers are used like standard game controllers. There is no hand motion gameplay!


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Irmas Ibric



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Marzo 3, 2017

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