Siege And Destroy (PC)

You are the Captain in charge of controlling a colossus cannon on planet X Alpha 52. The enemy placed hostile cannons behind the mountain. With the wind speed changing, control your cannon to shoot projectiles above the mountains to hit the enemy. You do that by analyzing the information on 3D mini-map.

The enemy will fire back at you, and you will be destroyed if you get hit after your shield is destroyed. To defend yourself, you are equipped with RPG launcher and shells. While trying to hit the enemy, you have to load your RPG launcher and shoot down incoming enemy projectiles as necessary.

Training map to help you learn the game.
"Invade" map where you have to destroy the enemy with limited shells. Enemy will not fire back.
"Defense" map. You have to shoot down a number of enemy shells to win. You cannot fire back with cannon. Can you handle the intensity?
"Battle" map. Destroy the enemy before you are destroyed. You have to keep an eye on the 3D mini-map while defending your cannon from enemy projectiles


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