VRQB is the definitive arcade VR football experience. You are the quarterback, driving down the field while racking up as many points as possible. Experience the excitement of classic arcade football from the quarterback's perspective.

Players can choose from three different footballs that each offer their own unique play style. Experience VRQB the way it was meant to be played with the neon football. If you're up for a challenge, try the old-school pigskin or relive your backyard days with the foam football.

VRQB currently features two game modes with three different difficulty levels: Classic and Two Minute Drill.ClassicIn Classic mode, the player drives down the field by hitting groups of three targets spread out across the field. Clearing each set of targets gives the player a first down, enabling the player to move down the field. The player tries to reach the end zone while increasing their multiplier by hitting consecutive targets.Two Minute DrillIn the Two Minute Drill, the player has two minutes to score as many points as possible. The player has the option of hitting three different targets, moving to the location of the target hit. Players must weigh hitting the closer, reliable targets to build up a streak multiplier, or airing it down the field and going for the big gain.


After Sunset Games, LLC


Steam Oculus

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Enero 27, 2017

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