Viramid - Episode 1 (PC)

Enter a world of mystery and exploration in this point and click puzzle adventure.

- Just look and tap to move the character.
- Tap on objects to interact with them.
- Try to find clues and items to unlock areas.
- Complete puzzles to progress.
- Collect hidden treasures.

Viramid is a series of small 'point and click' puzzle games starting with Episode 1. A new episode with be released every few months which continues the adventure from the previous episode.
Episode 1 contains two levels with several puzzles. The total play time is around 1 hour.

The professor, your mentor and expert in the field of hieroglyphs and archeology, is missing.
He has left you a letter giving clues to his whereabouts. He also speak of an ancient power he has uncovered within the pyramid. A power that would lead to chaos if it were to fall in to the wrong hands.

Set off on your adventure to find the professor, discover clues, unlock puzzles and find treasures.


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Febrero 2, 2017

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