Monzo VR (PC)

Monzo VR is the premiere model builder for Oculus Rift. Want to build a car? A WWII plane? How about a Da Vinci Paddle Boat? Each model has been finely crafted so that you can build them up piece by piece in full Virtual Reality. Discover how these complex machines work. Examine your model from every angle and see how they function. Build what Da Vinci built; learn how a WWII tank works. Bring all the pieces together, and marvel at the stunning model. Once you’ve built your model, make it your own with paint and decals. You can aim to replicate the real thing, but why not have a little fun? The limit is only your creativity. But the modeling doesn’t end at machines and inventions from years past. You can build your own Pirate Ship, Space-station, even dinosaurs. Who doesn’t want to create T-Rex? What are you waiting for? Settle back, turn on music and enjoy a relaxing activity in beautiful environments. Have a zen-like experience in a Dojo, or just relax in an apartment above the city.


Madfinger Games a.s.



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