Henry The Hamster Handler (PC)

Welcome to Henry the Hamster Handler!!!
You are Henry, the legendary one-handed hamster handler, and it's your job to save the mass-produced balls of fluff! It’s time to punch in at Hamsters Inc., where your usual menial task of hamster production and distribution has gone kaput! Manually operate the machinery and jump from one disaster to the next, all the while trying to keep a clear head to navigate the intense mechanical puzzles and determine whether your fat little friends can be rescued from being electrocuted, squished, and scorched.

Oh! Don’t forget to use your handy hook to rescue your game streak by banishing wayward hamsters.
Mini-GamesAs well as hours of frantic puzzles in the main game, explore mini-games where you must try to stop the hamsters from escaping:Whack-a-HamsterWhack the hamsters into submission and collect points as they get quicker and more mischievous at eluding your wrath.Hamster Hunt Spot the hamsters and shoot (your friendly stun-gun!) in an attempt to restore order as they sneakily hide in the mechanism of the ''hamster debigulator’’ - be careful not to be put off by the Queen Hamster’s judging eyes.Hammy SaysThe packing machine has gone haywire and you must manually punch in the address codes; get it wrong and the hamsters are going to get real flat, real quick!


Casual indie


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