Old Mansion (PC)

Product description:
“Old Mansion” is a VR product concentrating on presenting the detail of objects and providing the best visual and sensual feeling, which brings homelike immersive experience. It also improves the interactive experience of fun by combining with escaping game content.
The whole scene is constructed based on the old Europe indoor decoration style, accompanied by suspenseful audios and dark lightings, which highlights human living trace and the atmosphere surrounded by escaping elements. While wandering around the house, the player needs to look carefully on the material of specific objects in order to get the clue for processing next step and finally escape the room.
In general, this product breaks away from the original boring VR house wandering experience and improves it by adding the game interactions, which deepens the sense of immersion.

Operation Instructions
· Movement – Move
· Pickup Objects – Select
· Exit painting mode – Menu
· Go upstairs/downstairs – Move handle to approach the crystal ball, then raise it up above your head



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Octubre 18, 2016

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