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XFang VR
XFang VR
XFang VR
XFang VR
XFang VR
XFang VR XFang VR XFang VR XFang VR XFang VR
XFang is a Virtual showroom App created by Nanjing Fancell InfoTech Ltd (China)
Hyun real VR products are carefully crafted in every detail, the welcome screen mottled shadows, complex model, global indoor illumination, are worth a visit.
Operation mode is as follows:
Welcome space: can only walk (do not support the handle move), the handle extends to the picture.As the handle turn into orange , pull the trigger to go into the showroom.
In the room space ,you can also exit to the welcome space by doing the same action towards the entrance door.
Walk: touch the front of the pressing board to select the destination on the ground.
Interactive features: touch the front end of the touch panel, the aperture to hit the object on the green, indicating the presence of interaction, through the trigger and touch the front end of the board to achieve the items, the replacement of household materials and other functions.


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Octubre 21, 2016

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