Eye of the Owl - Hieronymus Bosch VR (PC)

Eye of the Owl - The Hieronymus Bosch VR experience. Enabling you to go back in time to the artist’s studio and explore his masterpiece, The Garden of Earthly Delights. This application gives you the tools to explore the painting on your own in otherwise impossible detail, while the artist himself describes the bizarre and mystifying scenes. The painting has been digitized in ultra-high resolution, you can see the brushstrokes and into the cracks. Use a virtual magnifying glass you hold in your hand to discern the faintest details. Activate the magic carpet shrink transformation to see the painting even closer up.
See what you can discover about Bosch and his masterpiece.

Key Features:

A virtual magnifying glass
You hold a magnifying glass in your hand and can use to magnify your view just like a real magnifying glass. Two different zoom levels available.

Ultra-high resolution painting detail
You can see brushstrokes, and even the cracks in the painting.

A painting soundscape
3D binaural sounds are positioned on the painting to alert the viewer to components in the scenes.

Shrinking the viewer
You can shrink on the magic carpet for more close up detail

Vive Room Space
Ability to walk around and intimately examine this extraordinary painting.





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