Noda (PC)

Visualizing complex data is hard. Most people can only hold 5-7 pieces of data in their working memory at a time. Beyond that pen and paper, whiteboards or digital equivalents can help but are limited to flat surfaces. Noda is a virtual and augmented reality environment that expands the area in which you can place items and increases your ability to comprehend data and connections.

Noda is a set of tools and integrations for visualizing and manipulating information objects (nodes) in 3d-space. Nodes and connections are represented as shapes and lines which can be made, moved and removed to create a map of connected data.

Grab things and move them around, attach names or pictures, connect them together and change your perspective. Type on a virtual keyboard or Import from text files.

This allows something like mind-mapping or white-boarding for big ideas and complex topics. You may find this useful for:

Conceiving a project
Planning an event
Plotting a screenplay
Mapping a network
The tools are generic so it's up to you what to use them for. Best wishes and please let us know what you think!


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