Space Slam (PC)

Become an ace pilot and mine the outer rim in Space Slam! Your objective: traverse the star systems of the Outer Rim and collect rare minerals crystals to transport back to base. However, your mining techniques are anything but conventional. In SPACE SLAM there is only one way to mine: ramming planets at full speed with your spacecraft. Try to maintain your momentum as you navigate the hazards of the Outer Rim systems. Your ship’s fuel is limited so keep an eye on your gauges and don’t stop slamming until you have enough minerals to advance to the next system.

Experience thrilling VR space flight gameplay that delivers enjoyable speed and maneuverability
Includes a fully functional 2D mode calibrated to capture a full for play without a headset
Explore dazzling star systems filled with cosmic wonders and perils
Race against time as you smash planets and collect their ores at the behest of your intergalactic employer
Levels are randomly sequenced as you advance, making each playthrough one-of-a-kind
Discover 50 hand-crafted levels and improve your scores on every single one
Unlock new cosmetic trails for your ship through gameplay challenges
Full controller support


Acción indie


;) Quickdraw Studios



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Enero 12, 2017

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