Steampunker VR (Android)

Steampunker VR is a new game made by Telehorse. The game was initially developed as a VR version of one of the challenges from Telehorse's award-winning Steampunker. In Steampunker VR the hero called Vincent is in the submarine. The gameplay starts at the point in the original game where Vincent is trying to escape the city of Steamburg attacked by evil robots from space. The first level sees him fighting the robots which surrounded the vessel on the surface. The player has to navigate and shoot all the robots. The task gets harder and harder as the robots approach the submarine from all directions. In the following chapters he is fighting underwater monsters, sailing between sea mines and finding the missing pieces of a diving suit. While the five levels are connected into a story, a player has access to all of them and can enjoy any level they want. Steampunker VR was a finalist of Casual Connect Tel Aviv 2016 and Berlin 2017 and was in official selection at Taipei Game Show 2017.