G2A Land (PC)

G2A Land is a virtual amusement park where you experience all the attractions without leaving home. Get ready to experience the reality inside G2A Land filled with fun and pure awesomeness.
DIVE in an underwater world to admire the ocean depths. The stunning beauty of diving into a deep abyss guarantees a calming experience. SHOOT it up at the range where you aim at the shooting targets one by one firing a pistol. It appeals to those that want to explore breath taking places at a relaxing pace. DARE to come face to face with Gotham. Fly, speed through the streets, glide over buildings at ultra super speed. Accept the challenge of mastering your skill of soaring through in your vehicle. An exhilarating bumpy roller coaster ride that takes you higher than any other virtual roller coaster and makes you scream at the top of your lungs.
An absolute must have among VR games if you're rocking the Oculus Rift headset.
Blast, laugh and interact your way through G2A Land.


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Enero 12, 2017

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