5 Games Arcade Pack (Android)


MANCHESTER is a “racing game”, where you have to switch lanes in order to pass obstacles and avoid getting hit by rockets.

Reach the center of the WHEEL IN THE SKY! Jump from ring to ring in a retro adventure. You're just a green dot in the skies, but that's all you need to be!

FUNNY ARCHITECT: Try to build the biggest tower. The motto is: the biggest, not the highest... The higher you build the easier your tower will collapse.

Be honest! WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN 5 YEARS? Still stuck in the real world or absorbed by the virtual world everybody is bragging about? Play this fun game and find out in no time :)

SCR3W DR1VER: A VR Pixel game. Run into the void. Collect the nuggets you need.


Trucker VR


Trucker VR



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