Viral (Android)

“Games like Viral will sell VR” – Polygon

“Do you have a Gear VR? Get Viral. One of the best full games on the hardware.” – Three Bens in VR

Welcome to the unique mobile VR experience, Viral.

Even an advanced computer system such as E.V.E. (Emotional Virtual Engine) has to deal with the threat of infection.

You are Ragnorok, the anti-virus. This is the world as you see it, created specifically to make you the most deadly virus-stomping program ever written. So get busy and have fun.

Using simple and intuitive controls with physics-based gameplay, travel through ever more complex and challenging manifestations of the mainframe to wipe out the mischievous virus strains.

Unleash storms of powerups, or look for that perfect, surgical killer shot. Switch on E.V.E’s dormant systems so she can fight back too. It’s a world of fun, so use everything at your disposal to run riot!

Enjoy 50 stages with a range of enemies and power ups.


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