HOVR (Android)

You start the game by choosing between 4 characters - each with their own set of upgrades - and plunging straight into the action-packed HOVR world. The game has 3 objectives: Reach the finish line, outrun other hackers (bots) and achieve a high score. You’re also racing against the clock, so beware that going over time brings down your overall!

The game has a total of 4 increasingly challenging levels. You can collect extra elements to help you in your mission:

• Batteries: Recharge and maintain top speed
• Speed boosters: Go over them to accelerate further
• Power-ups: they can slow down the opponents chasing you and include shields, 3-bombs, air strikes and battery full refills.

As you move at breakneck speed, you can gain extra points by performing out of this world moves such as jumps, grabs and special tricks, with the in-game leaderboard displaying the overall rankings in real time! Are you ready for this action-packed racing adventure? Then grab your HOVR and let’s go!


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