Turkey Hunt (Android)

The Mayans got it wrong. The world doesn’t end in 2012, it ends now! The Turkey Apocalypse is coming, and it’s up to you to stop it. These aren’t your normal gobblers: hell bent on world domination, they’ve fortified themselves in riot gear and they’re ready to take over the world.

Are you up for the task? Do you have what it takes to prevent the Turkey Apocalypse? Then suit up and join Lucid Sight as we bring you TURKEY HUNT!

TURKEY HUNT is a virtual reality game that takes you to the great outdoors to train for the fight of your life. Players will find themselves surrounded by incoming hordes of deadly cardboard turkeys and will have to shoot them all down to survive. Some can be brought down with just one well placed shot, but the bigger, meaner, stronger Alphas will take several rounds to defeat.

-Multiple Weapons & Upgrades
-Three Unique Environments
-Physics-based Turkey Destruction


Lucid Sight, Inc.