Papertales (Android)

Explore the three original universes of Papertales and find the magical arches in a minimum time. Inspired by the art of origami and memories of our childhood, each level of Papertales offers a fun and colourful world that immerses you in a unique and interactive experience. The mechanic of the game is simple and intuitive. It allows the player to discover each scene with a paper vehicle (car, plane, boat) controlled by the sight. Where you look, you go. All along your journey, you must find the hidden arches in minimum time. Papertales is an odyssey associated with three basic elements: earth, air and water. A child’s room where you are miniaturized to the scale of a toy illustrates the earth. Air, where you move around a monumental building inspired by Big Ben guarded by a giant dragon. Finally the water, represented by a series of basins inspired by the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Will you join the top 15 of our leaderboard?