VR Wizards - Strategy PvP Game (Android)

Are you a pure-blood, a muggle, or a half-blood? Are you a casual player or a hardcore one? Do you enjoy to play at your own pace? Or in an adrenaline-filled battle with others? Are you 13 years old or 70 years old? No matter what your background is, you will love this eye-catching, action-packed fun game.

This is not just a VR experience. It is a seriously fun, interactive, and competitive game where you will be playing as a wizard. Your goal is to battle other wizards in realtime, or to defeat the slime monsters. The game features:

PVP Arenas: Up to 4 people playing against each other. Currently opens during 【the first 10 minutes of each hour】.
PVE Arena
Leaderboard: PVE / PVP

In-game tournament and real-life tournaments will be hosted to decide the top wizards of all! Top 100 players on the PvP Leaderboard will be invited to compete in a live event to be streamed in 2017.

Practice daily. Test your skills in PvP. Get on the leaderboards! Become a legendary wizard!


Narvalous, Inc.


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